Students taking the Occupational Safety course (OEH:5410) at the University of Iowa's College of Public Health are required to perform a safety consulting project to understand how to translate lessons learned in the classroom into actionable materials that can help a worksite.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic during Spring 2020, many students cannot complete their initial project because their clients have sent workers home.  But, students stepped up to provide consulting to the larger community of new to "Working from Home" workers at the University of Iowa and beyond.  This team researched best practices and hazards associated with home offices, traditional and pandemic-related, to generate this web site.  We have peer reviewed the materials presented and hope they are useful to those of you who have questions in your new "work envrionment" because of COVID-19.

A big thanks to the team of students who developed evidence-based recommendations in this time of great uncertainty -  Tyler Guzowski, Zoe Harris, Gordie Mitchard, Nasi Moradi, Emma Nelson, Matt Sovers, Laura Tvedte.


"For now, those university employees working remotely should plan to do so until at least the end of the spring semester, May 15. Employees who are working remotely are reducing the threat of COVID-19 spread for everyone, including colleagues still reporting to work in person."